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The Best-Selling Machine:MF17OO-C3


MF1700-C3MF1700-C3: Unbeatable Performance and Enhanced Design

Take your business to new heights with the best-selling MF1700-C3 laminating machine, now featuring a new design and enhanced functions. This powerful device offers unbeaten performance, running at speeds of up to 20m/min and accommodating a wide range of media types. It's the perfect solution for businesses seeking to increase capacity and versatility.

The MF1700-C3's upgraded panel displays key information including speed, temperature, and lamination statistics, providing a clear and user-friendly operation experience. Let's explore its outstanding features:

1. New LCD Panel: Equipped with a new LCD panel, the MF1700-C3 displays essential parameters such as speed, temperature, and lamination statistics. This ensures easier control and monitoring of the laminating process.

2. Anti-Static String: High-speed lamination often results in static electricity buildup. The MF1700-C3 addresses this issue with an efficient anti-static string, effectively minimizing static for smooth and problem-free operation.

3. Upgraded Shaft Caps and Holders
: The MF1700-C3 features upgraded shaft caps and holders, allowing for easy loading and securing of media. This streamlined design enhances efficiency and convenience during production.

4. Precise Vertical Cutters: Experience unparalleled precision with the fully adjustable position of the MF1700-C3's vertical cutters. With tungsten blades boasting a lifetime of over 15,000 meters, you can expect exceptional cutting performance and longevity.

5. Rear Control Panel: The rear control panel of the MF1700-C3 provides easy access for adjusting speed, lifting rollers, and activating the cutting function. Streamline your workflow with effortless control at your fingertips.

Vertical Cutters Anti-Static StringControl Panel

The MF1700-C3 laminating machine delivers exceptional performance and versatility, empowering businesses to achieve more. With its upgraded design and advanced features, it's the ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their laminating capabilities.

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