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Meet MEFU At Printing United Expo 2024


Printing United ExpoMeet MEFU At Printing United Expo 2024

Everyone in the MEFU team is well prepared for the upcoming Printing United Expo 2024. This time, MEFU brought two heavyweight products to the partners - Entry Series MF1700-M1 PLUS and Pro Series MF1700-F1 PLUS.

Entry Series MF1700-M1 PLUS

MF1700-M1 PLUS is a roller laminating machine equipped with heat assist. This entry-level machine can handle demanding lamination work.


1. Anti-static string design effectively reduces static electricity.

2. Front and rear dual control panels that display temperature and speed data.

3. 120mm silicon rollers that can evenly apply pressure to ensure good lamination results.

4. New ABS shell design with air pressure lifting roller and adjustable vertical cutting system.

5. Automatically lock the interchangeable roller shaft for easy loading and unloading of materials.

6. Optional safety vertical cutting device, including 3 trimming racks and 2 single-sided and 1 double-sided central blades.

Pro Series MF1700-F1 PLUS

MF1700-F1 PLUS is the first choice for wide-format industrial-grade continuous lamination. Smart PRO system and superior performance are the highlights of this machine.


1. Equipped with laser tracking precision cutting device to achieve automatic correction and tracking.

2. Feeding induction automatic centering, no manual intervention required, safe, fast and convenient lamination.

3. Smart PRO system can monitor in all directions, such as speed temperature monitoring, alarm protection, etc.

4. Air shafts automatically adjust the tension size according to the material size, easy to load and unload heavy rollers.

At this Printing United Expo, MEFU hopes to meet more partners who are interested in laminating machines and Finishing Solutions. In addition, our two demo machines at the expo will be available for sale at a big discount. Don't miss it if you are interested in buying. Click here to book in advance!

To learn more about MEFU series laminating machine, you can visit our official website.


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