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Moscow Nassip-MF1700-M1 LITE


Moscow NassipMoscow Nassip-MEFU MF1700-M1 LITE

In Russia, MEFU's exclusive distributor Смари-T sells hundreds of machines every year. Just a few days ago, we were pleased to learn from Смари-T that a regular customer in Moscow wanted to order an MF1700-M1 LITE.

Nassip, from the outskirts of Moscow, is engaged in branding various means of transport, ATMs and payment terminals, as well as affixing in retail and office spaces.

Nassip's portfolio includes projects for the Moscow Metro, AgroRussia, SMP Bank, and other large corporations.As the demand for adhesion and branding services increased, it became clear that the existing
MEFU MF1700-F1 laminator was no longer able to cope with the growing workload and management decided to purchase a second MEFU MF1700-M1 LITE.

The entry level Rol-to-Roll laminator MF1700-M1 LITE with pneumatic lifting system.It is a ideal for laminating and It is an ideal for laminating and mounting application of signage and graphic up to 1630mm/64". It gives the extra feature of a heat assisted top roller. Auto locked exchangeable roll shafts, easy for loading and unloading medias.

The advantage of this laminator is the longitudinal cutting function, which allows the edges of the material to be cut or broken down into parts without the use of a separate plotter.

MEFU is honored to be trusted by our customers, and their repurchase is the greatest encouragement to us.

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