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Red MF1700-M1 PRO


MF1700-M1 PROCustomer's Order - Customized Model Red MF1700-M1 PRO

Anyone want a red color laminator? A customer ordered the MEFU Premium Series laminator - MF1700-M1PRO. Additionally, the customer chose the red color instead of the standard color scheme.

Red color symbolizes happiness and joy in China, and gives people a warm feeling. We hope that MEFU's red
MF1700-M1 PRO can bring good luck to the customer!

MF1700-M1 PRO is a fully automatic heat-assisted laminator. As MEFU's best-selling product, it enables efficient laminating and cutting of graphics and signage. 

The MF1700-M1 PRO has four major advantages:

MEFU Smart Entry System

Front and rear are equipped with control panels for easier operation. The front control panel has control of the entire machine, monitors laminating temperature, pressure and speed in all directions, and can find your lamination records within 30 days.

The rear control panel allows you to start and stop the laminating process, while the control knobs allow you to precisely control the laminating speed.

Vertical Cutting Function

The vertical cutting system on this high-end machine allows for efficient cutting of waste edges during the lamination process. The three standard tungsten carbide knives can also be manually fine-tuned for more precise cutting.

Premium Silicon Rollers

Equipped with 130mm premium silicon rollers, these rollers are usually used in applications where heavy loads or frequent use are required, and its high quality materials and powerful performance can meet the more demanding needs.

Auto-locked Exchangeable Shaft

Upgraded shaft covers and brackets make it easy to lock and load media.

Laminating is not a difficult task. With the right laminating equipment, you can achieve ideal laminating results, and MEFU is committed to helping customers grow their laminating business by providing comprehensive technical guidance and excellent after-sales service.

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