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2022-06-16 10:45:27
The MEFU silicon roller is a heavy-duty solution with a self-weight of 46kg-53kg and an integrated steel core structure. It is designed for heavy-duty capacity and features 8mm silicon glue for added durability. This roller is ideal for industrial applications that require robust and reliable performance.

1.Integrated steel core heavy duty silicon roller :
We MEFU silicon roller 46kg-53kg self-weight, 8mm silicon glue with integrated steel core structure for heavy duty capacity.

2.Smart System for speed, temp, and lamination statistics easy to check 

3.Safety vertical cutter equipped with 3 trimmer holders, 2 Single and 1 Double central blade

4.Upgraded  groove shafts with more deeper slot for better & stable transmission and with static eliminator for safety operation.

5.Anti-static rope to eliminate static for safety operation 

6.Most importantly, our aftert-sale service is much better.
We are almost 24hours online and reply you in time. Any problem, we will help to solve within 12hours. And we have 2 years warranty.

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