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MEFU Roll Laminator MF1700-A1 PRO

MEFU classic MF1700-A1 PRO is a good helper for expand your business, capable of heavy-duty roll-to-roll operation with multi-functions. Fully adjustable pressure and height by air ensures efficiency ever. This PREMIUM equipment can meet most applications, ideal for all inkjet and printing materials. Precise vertical cutters can fully adjust the position, its tungsten blades have a lifetime over 15000m.
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Smart Entry System —— Front Panel
Speed, temp, and lamination statistics
Easy to check lamination record in 30 days
Roller up and down for both sides even pressure
Smart Entry System —— Rear Panel
Run or stop lamination for easy operation
Rear speed adjustment and statistics to better precisely control speed
Rear working table
Fully position adjustable cutters for precise cutting
Manual active cutting roll to achieve vertical cutting function
Safety sensor eyes for safe operation
Safety vertical cutter
2 Single and 1 Double central blade
Upgraded with two paddles on 2 single holders
Durable tungsten steel blades
Premium silicon rollers
130mm diameter silicon rollers for heavy duty lamination
Top Heated warm lamination better melt glue on the film
Options for hot lamination to meet different needs
Anti-static string
Anti-static string is efficient way to ease static
Upgraded shaft caps and holders can be easily locked and loaded media
More info please contact: info@mefu.cn

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