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tilted bubble free signage flatbed applicator

The flatbed applicator B4 series is the fully equipped multipurpose machine that gives you access to the superior production method provided. It’s unique tilted table can reduce the delivery cost and more easier to entry the facility. Fast assembling and easy operating. A media roll holder at the end of table provide easy material feeding possibility.
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LED Illumination
Illuminated table is ideal to apply multicolored or translucent graphics.
Tilted Table & Safety Glass
Hybird Laminating for Rigid & Flex Media.
Tilted table for easier entrance, saving transport cost and space.
Easy assembling and operating.
Media roll holder on bed end
A media roll holder on bed end for printed or cut film.
Option Side-tray
Optional side trays for easier application and storage media.
Pneumatic Lifting System
Roller up and down by Pneumatic
Premium Silicon Roller
130mm silicon roller for heavy-duty work.

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