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Overloading alarming device Roll Laminator MEFU1700-F3

1. Smart Pro System Auto Slow-down/Stop. Lamination statistics. Alarming System. 2. Swing in & out air shafts Easy for heavy rolls loading and unloading. 3. Laser tracking vertical cutting Advanced laser positioning and cutting device. 4. 150mm silicon rollers Amazing speed up to 50m/min.
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Smart Pro System —— Front Panel
Speed, temp, and lamination statistic: easy to check figures of set temp, real temp, and button speed, as well as find your lamination records in 30 days
Auto Slow-down and Stop when medias come to an end
Alarming for stop, safety protection, and overloaded media
Dual foot-pedal (one for up and down roller, the other for lamination)
Date and time display
Smart Pro System —— Rear Panel
Automatic cutting correction, active by button on rear display, automatic correction and track cutters, more precise and have good finishes
Speed statistics, show button speed, which is convenient to adjust machine speed
Cutting active by button, easy to use
Laser positioning device
Vertical cutting correction
Auto track and correction during laminating and cutting
Swing in & out air shafts
Swing in and out air shafts, easy for heavy rolls loading and unloading
Air tension button for locked shafts and air-filled, convenient to use
Tension feeding rod
Control by button on front panel
Feeding tension has been added for better finishes
Safety vertical cutters
Equipped with 3 trimmer holders, 2 Single and 1 Double central blade
Upgraded with two paddles on 2 single trimmer holders
Durable tungsten steel blades, can cut common medias with a lifetime that over 15000m
More info please contact: info@mefu.cn

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