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hot and cold roll laminating and cutting machine

The best seller MF1700-C3 with new designing and functions provides unbeaten performance. This super machine can run up to 20m/min with a wide range of medias. Suitable for business that are looking to build in extra capacity and more versatility.
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Smart Entry System —— Front Panel
Speed, temp, and lamination statistics, easy to check figures of set temp, real temp, and button speed, as well as find your lamination records in 30 days
Date and time display
Roller up and down
Smart Entry System —— Rear Panel
Run or stop lamination
Speed statistics, show button speed, which is convenient to adjust machine speed
Active cutter device, easy to use
Pneumatic active cutting rod
Active cutters by button on rear panel
Fully position adjustable cutters
Aluminum alloy cutting rod
Safety vertical cutter
Equipped with 3 trimmer holders, 2 Single and 1 Double central blade
Upgraded with two paddles on 2 single trimmer holders
Durable tungsten steel blades, can cut common medias with a lifetime that over 15000m
Premium silicon rollers
130mm diameter silicon rollers provide heavy duty work and good finishes
Top Heated warm lamination
Options for hot laminating, mounting and encapsulating

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